If like millions of people you are affected by Tinnitus you are really frustrated by this irritating trouble and try to find good ways to cure it .

Tinnitus can be defined as a perception of noise without actual external source of it.

This « ringing in the ears » or « head noise » can last for a short time or be a standing condition. It can have numerous causes though these are not always easy to be identified.

Even if the conventional medecine claims that it cannot yet definetly heal it there exist some remedies that may help to relieve the symptoms or get rid of them forever.

In this blog we give you appropriate daily tips and some methods which can help you cure tinnitus.

You needn’t suffer any longer !


  1. I have had severe tinnitus since my MD gave me an alcohol based antibiotic even though there was a perforation of the eardrum which he himself may have created. I would like to find out if any of all these goofy remedies is actually effective or are MAYO Clini, Cleveland Clinic , and the New England Journal of Medicine correct–grin and bear it, medicine has no clue or cure!!!

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